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Old documents transcribed and translated

Are you tracing your family tree, or researching local history? Do you have an old document that you can't read? Perhaps it is in Latin and you need someone to translate it. We can help.

We can read old handwriting and transcribe it, or translate it into modern English.

Quidquid id est (whatever it is...)

...we can translate it. We are familiar with Wills, Probates, Bonds, Definitive Sentences, Inquisitions Post Mortem, Land Deeds, Court Rolls, but will tackle anything.

We can work from a photocopy sent by post or an image sent by email.


Wills, probates, deeds etc:

  • From Latin — £5.00 per 100 words
  • From Scottish — £5.00 per 100 words
  • From English handwriting — £2.50 per 100 words

Non-standard text such as business accounts, or draft correspondence where all amendments need to be detailed — £10 per hour

We can accept payment by cheque, PayPal or electronic bank transfer.

Rates as of 1 January 2013

What you get

  • A transcription with abbreviations and contractions expanded
  • A translation if the original text is not in English
  • Obsolete or archaic words and phrases explained (if possible!)
  • Results e-mailed or sent by post if preferred


Mr Brooke F Westcott
14 Daisy Hill Drive, Adlington
Chorley, Lancs
United Kingdom